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Image of Desk, Campaign -

Desk, Campaign -

Ivory colored wooden campaign desk. Attached shelf with 2 drawers, each with a metal knob in the center. Four legs, all square shaped and tapered to ends. 2 drawers below desk with metal handles in center.

Image of Chair, Desk -

Chair, Desk -

Wooden desk chair painted ivory. Seat-back has 9 vertical slats as back support. Seat has cushion with pink flower pattern inside ivory diamonds. 2 pairs of stretchers on bottom, one pair goes from front to back and the other pair goes from side to side. No arm rests.

Image of Lamp, Electric -

Lamp, Electric -

Metal and glass electric lamp. Shade is made of white glass that has been painted dark green. Metal is dark brown color. Has an "S" shape arm that attaches to a circular base with several rings of decoration. At neck is a branch like cage around the switch.

Image of Table -

Table -

Small, one drawer wooden table with keyhole. Primitive style, painted pale green and decorated with painted flowers in center and corners.

Image of Cradle -

Cradle -

Rocking musical cradle for a doll with covered headboard. Decal of floral arrangement pasted on side, vine across side. Winding key on back of cradle turns on (working) music box that is built into headboard area. Plays, Rock-a-Bye-Baby. Cradle is held together with brass screws/brads. .

Image of Cradle - 1903

Cradle - 1903

Doll-size rocking cradle. Dark stained wood. Includes a stuffed mat and pillow, covered in cotton fabric with light blue background and depictions of small flowers, roosters, stars, hearts, and barns in red, yellow, ivory, blue, green colors. A letter, written by Bessie Van Wickle McKee to Estelle Clements in 1903, refers to this cradle: "The bed for May Blossom (Augustine's favorite doll, 1976.1.0528) is a perfect beauty. Augustine will be crazy over it. The sheets & pillow case are all nicely done & the sheet goes over the bolster so that it is all right & if Augustine does not want it, we can take it off. The bed looks so sweet - the blanket & spread have not arrived but presum

Image of Chair, Desk - 1800s

Chair, Desk - 1800s

Desk or side chair with Dutch Wood Marquetry (light woods against dark). The curved toprail has an urn and tulip flower pattern . Some peg construction. Brass brackets supporting back of chair. D-Shaped seat, fabric, perhaps silk with embroidered design. Chair may be associated with the desk (1976.1.1329) it sits next to.

Image of Desk, Drop-front - 1900 ca

Desk, Drop-front - 1900 ca

Slant front desk. Dutch walnut-ground wood, marquetry (light woods against dark) chair. The slant front has a bird, flower-filled urn, flower stems. Brass fixtures (hinges, knobs). One larger drawer outside. When top is folded down the desk has four small drawers and pigeonholes. Cabriole loges ending in ball and claw feet. Desk may be associated with the chair (1976.1.1328) it sits next to. This piece of furniture is included in the Blithewold wooden album (circa 1915) in the following description:"Twin beds, highboy, dressing table, couch, bureau, desk, storied [?] table and cheval glass. Dutch eighteenth century. Mahogany with inlay of foliated designs in colored woods. O

Image of Blotter -

Blotter -

This is a hand held ink blotter with brown leather decorated with a gold stamped border. A rectangular leather covered handle bordered with gold is in the center. The rounded bottom is covered with heavy blotter paper. The blotter edges are leather trimmed with a gold border pattern.

Image of Lamp -

Lamp -

Tiffany Favrile vase which is mounted as a lamp. The base is a baluster-form gold-ground bowl with S-form handles. The shade is a gild metal pierced filigree dome shape. There is a bronze beaded pull chain.

Image of Inkwell -

Inkwell -

This is an Art Nouveau Gilt-bronze lily pad form inkwell. The bell form pad has a lateral hinged lid and is mounted with a toad. There are raised veins in the lily pad base. A folded leaf at the top of the hinged lid holds a pen.

Image of Desk - 1910 ca

Desk - 1910 ca

One drawer desk of green stained oak. There is one wide shelf acting as a bottom cross piece. The front legs are enhanced by decorative arches toward the center. The drawer knobs are plain wood 1.75". The desk was manufactured by L & J.G. Stickley (Leopold and John George Stickley), around 1910 in Fayetteville, New York. It can be dated by the distinctive 'mark' that the Stickley brothers used to identify their work, which can be found on each piece. The marks on this piece indicates that it was produced between 1910 and 1912. This chair was produced by Leopold and John George Stickley around 1910 in Fayetteville, New York. It can be dated by the distinctive 'mark' that the Stick

Image of Blotter -

Blotter -

The blotter has a reinforced canvas backing edged with brown leather. The corners are decorated with flower like cut-outs which hold mother of pearl. The cut-outs are outlined with amateurish ink borders, almost as if the user of the blotter was doodling.

Image of Clip, Paper - 1906 ca

Clip, Paper - 1906 ca

This is a bronze Tiffany desk clip. The bottom is bordered with beaded bronze. The top is hinged at a 45 degree angle with a bronze hinge. The top is decorative cut metal over ivory glass in a web-like design. This is likely part of a set with 1976.1.1351. According to Curator M. Whitehead, the desk set pieces were made by Tiffany c1906. The clip, blotter holder and desk pad are in Tiffany's "Pine Bough" pattern.

Image of Pen -

Pen -

This is a collection of 83 pen nibs of various sizes. Only a few appear to have been used. The cardboard box is green and cream decorated with gold roping. The inner box slides out and is filled with 83 nibs of various sizes. On the top of the box: G.Howard Hunt Pen Mfg. Co's/ Round Pointed Pens/ Camden NJ USA/ Semi Slant No. 11. On the bottom of the box: To open box please break seal/ Patented Aug 14, 1900. On sides: These pens will neither scratch nor spurt the ink. The points being rounded by a secret process. The box bottom is hinged to the top with a small metal slide.

Image of Stamp, Postage -

Stamp, Postage -

This is a postage stamp with a picture of a bucket pouring molten steel. Text: America and Steel Growing Together/ US Postage 3c/ Steel Centennial 1957.