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Name Woods

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Image of Painting - 1922

Painting - 1922

Oil sketch, titled "Lotus." Woodland setting, with tall white flowers in the foreground. Various shades of green, some red, pink, gray, white flowers. Frame is wood, painted black in outer border, with a filigree-type design, painted in gold. Paper backing. Estelle Clements owned this painting.

Image of Box -

Box -

A round wooden Chippendale box. The box top is made from 6 circles of different wood. The sixth circle has a decorative wood design. The side of the box is decorated with three decorative rings of wood. There is a brass handle on top, a metal hinge and keyhole. There is no key in the box. This box was given to Bessie by Isoline (?) Burns who lived with her sister at Wyndstowe, a large brown shingled mansion north of Blithewold next to the little town beach on Hope St. It became the Howe house, now apartments.

Image of Painting -

Painting -

This is a watercolor of a path through woods. No horizon. The painting is in a gold leaf frame with a gold matte. The matte covers the signature in the right corner although the first initial appears to be E. This has been re-matted.