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Title Fieldbook of Wild Birds and their Music
Author/Composer/Artist Mathews, F. Schuyler
Publisher / Producer G.P. Putnam's Sons. The Knickerbocker Press
Publication / Performance Date 1906
Publishing Location / Performance Venue New York/London
Summary The title and purpose of this handsome book are self-descriptive. It is depicted by the author as "a description of the character and music of birds, intended to assist in the identification of species common in the Eastern United States." Mr. Mathews dedicates the book to Genevieve and Carroll whom he describes as "enthusiastic companions" on his bird explorations in the field and garden. Information in this bird identification book is very detailed. It would seem to be intended for use out-of-doors.
Physical Description Measuring 7" tall, 4" wide, and about 1" deep, this book contains 262 pages including an extensive and detailed index. It is bound in dark green rough leather ("Full, flexible leather," according to the publisher) with gold embossed title, author, and a vignette of a song bird in a thorny thicket on the cover.The spine is likewise gold embossed with author, title, and publisher's name, and small horizontal decorative device. The book's pages are evenly cut and dyed green on the edges. It is illustrated with reproductions of handsome watercolour images of birds in their habitats, created by the author as indicated by his initials on coloured plates. There are some reproductions of pen and ink images, also created by the author. Interior pages contain musical clefs and other musical notations illustrating different birds' songs and sounds. The book is heavy for its size although individual pages are not on particularly heavy stock.
Handsomely illustrated.
Condition Fair
Catalog Number 1976.1.1563
Object Name Book