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Title Wild Flowers Worth Knowing
Sub-Title Nature's Garden
Author/Composer/Artist Blanchan, Neltje; with this 1923 edition by Asa Don Dickinson
Additional Author/Composer/Artist Adapted by Asa Don Dickinson
Publisher / Producer Doubleday, Page & Company
Publication / Performance Date 1923 (1917 copyright)
Publishing Location / Performance Venue Garden City, New York
Summary The preface to the book indicates that this re-publication was prepared (and slightly revised) by Asa Don Dickinson under the direction of the original author, the well-known American garden writer Neltje Blanchan. Ms. Blanchan indicates here that the first edition proved "to be a surprisingly popular book" as it definitely was to a lay readership of nature lovers and home gardeners. This reprint is clearly not of the production value of the first. Ms. Blanchan's intention in her writing is to create a synergistic sympathy between man and nature which can lead to "real joy in life." The author is known for conveying an enthusiasm (sometimes too effusively) for gardening and the wider outdoor environment. The book places wild flowers into their plant family with narrative descriptions of the plants themselves, their habitats, and varieties of common names in the same botanical genus. There are several color illustrations and two pages of diagrams of wild flower parts. There is a flower color key at the back of the book. It is well indexed which makes it a handy guide despite lacking visual images of most of the plants cited.
Physical Description Measuring 8 1/4" tall, 5 1/2" wide, and about 1 1/2" deep, this book contains 270 pages including a color key and a substantial index. Front, back, and spine are covered in a glazed red linen, with a large card stock illustration of mountain laurel (kalmia latifolia) adhered to the cover. Pages are evenly cut from newsprint-like paper. There are low-quality colored illustrations throughout. The spine is printed with the series title, book title, author's surname, publisher's name, and a small depiction in gold of a waterlily on its pad. A hand pencilled note on the front interior indicates that at one time this title sold for $2.50. On the same page is a pencilled inscription "Bfg." Illustrated.
Condition Fair
Catalog Number 1976.1.1564
Object Name Book