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Title Down the Lane and Back in Search of Wild Flowers
Author/Composer/Artist Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt (Uncle Matt)
Publisher / Producer T. Nelson & Sons
Publication / Performance Date 1895
Publishing Location / Performance Venue London, Edinburgh & New York
Summary Written for "intelligent boys and girls of twelve years of age," this small book from a series of five titles (four have been found at Blithewold), is divided into chapters, each of which discusses a particular wildflower. Chapters in this book cover buttercups, violets, dandelions, lords and ladies, red campion, St John's wort, mallow, and great bindweed among others. The author, Mordecai Cubitt Cooke, an academic and author of A Manual of Structural Botany, uses the pseudonym Uncle Matt. He indicates his aim with the series is to heighten a child's interest in and love for flowers and even common weeds.
Physical Description Measuring 7" x 5" x 1/2", the book has hard board yellow covers with a colored drawing of a representative arrangement of plant material on the front cover, along with the title, author's name, and publisher's identity, the first two of which are in multi-color print. The front cover also provides the identity of those flowers in the drawing with a tiny numbered key. The spine, integrated into the front and back boards, is striped on the exterior with a spring green and features the book title running vertically. On the back cover are details about other titles in this series. The book is illustrated within the text by black ink line drawings, all fairly scientifically sophisticated, as one would expect from an academic as author. Illustrated.
Condition Fair
Catalog Number 1976.1.1559.1
Object Name Book